Staffing allows companies to solve problems related to temporary needs: if you have a new project launched and a sudden need for employees or if your business is seasonal, staffing can be a fast and efficient solution. It is also a good approach to find someone with specific skills for a short period or even to safely observe candidates capabilities before committing into recruiting.

At Seasons, we insist to find the best suited candidates for the position available in your company. We don’t only look at the skills but also at the personality in order to make sure that the candidate will adapt to his new working place. Seasons takes care of all the employer responsibilities toward the worker (sick leave, holidays, …). Find more about the services you can outsource.



Most of the time it is a hard and demanding task to find the right worker for your company. More than a third of recruitment fail and can be very costly for the company, in term of time and money. Using the services of a specialist will allow you to optimize your recruitment: support throughout the process, access to more qualified candidates, gain time, control your costs.

Professional recruiters at Seasons helps you to discover the best candidate with a flexible recruiting method.

Our operating model is based on a strong presence throughout the recruitment process. We get to know our client’s operational environment and needs thoroughly to find
the best suited employees, whose skills and personality meet client’s wishes and help
the client company succeed. Our recruiting process is highly adaptable depending on
the situations.

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Open vacancy

You have an open vacancy in your company. Seasons helps you in finding the best talents.


Mapping customer needs

We define with you the characteristics of the position and understand your corporate culture in order to determine the ideal profile.


Defining the hiring process

We plan the recruiting methods, phases and schedules according to your needs and for the specificity of each position.


Searching for applicants

We use the most suitable channels to advertise the position and target the best candidates.


Interview process

After receiving applications, we choose the most suited applicants and carry out the interview process as agreed with the client.


Additional services

Can include legal services as well as permit and housing arrangements.



Seasons offers multiple outsourcing services in order for you to focus on your core business. Companies can simplify their day to day work in giving to our experts the management of a part of their tasks. We analyse and map together what outsourced tasks would help you to save cost and time. Each outsourcing plan is made specifically for each of our customers and based on strong collaboration and trust.

Some examples of our outsourced services:

  • Payroll
  • Timetable planning and organization
  • Consulting
  • Relocation
  • Global recruitment

Qverk: our European recruiting platform

The corporate world is becoming more and more international. Companies need to expand their recruitment abroad to find talents with the necessary skills. On the other hand, young Europeans need to acquire international experience for their future and progressively, study programmes require internships abroad.

But often, whether in one way or the other, the connection between companies and young Europeans is complex: high recruitment costs, fear of mobility, lack of information etc…

It is with the aim of simplifying and streamlining the recruitment of European talents while allowing them to gain valuable experience, that we have created Qverk.


For jobseekers

Whether you are looking for a first job, to give a new direction to your career or even a new experience abroad, Seasons helps you to find what suits you the best. Depending on what you are looking for, we have multiple type of positions available, ranging from seasonal work to part time or full-time job.

Register an account as well as applying for jobs on our website is very fast and you can expect to be contacted as soon as a matching job would fit with your profile.

Working with us is a good solution for your career as our priority is to help you to find the job which corresponds to your needs and personality. As a recruiter or an employer, we always prioritize your well-being and treat you with the maximum of respect.

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For students or recently graduated

Seasons has often been the first employer of many young adults and aim to facilitate their integration in the working life. It’s in the DNA of our company to help young people launching their career, that is why we are always trying to innovate in order to offer various solutions of employment.

If you are looking for a job locally or abroad, send us an open application. You can also check out our new recruiting platform, Qverk.


Do you want to work in Finland? Check our new video to know how we can help you:


Seasons and the Dutch company Den Doelder Crossborder Recruitment are now working together to offer jobseekers more opportunities in Europe! Interested in working abroad? Contact us and ask for more!

Hyvät asiakkaamme ja yhteistyö­kumppanimme,

Laadukkaaseen henkilöstövuokraukseen keskittynyt porilainen Seasons HR Management Oy laajentaa toimintaansa ja ostaa porilaisen henkilöstöalan vaativiin rekrytointeihin ja henkilöstövalmennukseen sekä yritysten hallitustyöskentelyn kehittämiseen erikoistuneen Jenico Oy:n. Seasons HR Management Oy on vuonna 2011 Porissa perustettu yritys, joka työllistää tällä hetkellä 7 henkilöä.

Jenico Oy:n oston myötä Seasons HR Managementin palveluvalikoima laajenee entisestään laadukkaasta henkilöstövuokrauksesta ja rekrytoinneista myös vaativiin rekrytointeihin ja henkilöstövalmennukseen sekä yritysten hallitustyöskentelyn kehittämiseen. Lisäksi saamme kaupan myötä uuden yrityksen käyttöön vielä laajemman asiakaskunnan Porin ja Satakunnan ulkopuolelta, joka vahvistaa merkittävästi rooliamme monipuolisempana henkilöstötalona alati muuttuvassa työelämän pelikentässä. Tavoitteenamme on rakentaa konsernistamme laadukkaiden henkilöstöpalveluiden organisaatio, joka tarjoaa työntekijöille työnteon mahdollisuuksia niin koti- ja ulkomailla sekä pyrkii helpottamaan työvoiman löytämistä eri yrityksille toimialasta riippumatta, kertoo Seasons HR Managementin toimitusjohtaja Petro Vaitiniemi.

”Olen iloinen, että Jenico Oy on löytänyt uuden kodin Seasonsista. Jaamme samat arvot ja toimintatavat. Yhtiöiden palveluita yhdistää laadukkuus ja asiakaslähtöisyys. Yrityskaupan myötä saavutettavilla synergiaeduilla taataan konsernissa entistä kustannustehokkaampi ja laaja-alaisempien henkilöstöpalveluiden tuottaminen”. Näin pystytään paremmin vastaamaan tuleviin työelämän ja osaavan työvoimapulan asettamiin haasteisiin, toteaa Jenico Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Harri Jyrkiäinen.

Yrityskaupan jälkeen Harri Jyrkiäinen jatkaa Seasons HR Managementin palveluksessa ja hallituksen jäsenenä.

Yrityskauppa ei vaikuta nykyisiin asiakassuhteisiin ja toivomme, että voimme tämän myötä tarjota entistä laadukkaampaa palvelua. Mikäli aihe kiinnostaa enemmän, niin kerromme mielellämme enemmän asiasta.

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